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Instabot is a very powerful Instagram Marketing Tool which helps you to automate all your Instagram activities from Posting, Commenting, Auto Likes, Following, Unfollow, Follow Back, Reposting Media activities on Autopilot.

Who We Are ?

Instabot is a powerful Instagram Growth Service that grows your Instagram Account, 24/7 - 365!

Target the Right Audience, get Brand Endorsements, Local Business, and more with the most affordable Instagram Growth Management System. Our services help steer you in the right direction towards strong content strategy and business results with real Results and Real Followers.

All Instagram Marketing Tools at Your Fingertips

We are aware of the trend of Social Media Marketing hence the need to create an easy to use tool with affordable prices that will help you succeed with your Instagram Marketing. We assure you that Instabot is the best Instagram Marketing Tool for You and Your Business needs.

100% Free Support !

Instabot offer free support to you. We want to help you grow ! Take your Social Media Marketing to another level with Instabot. Our Robots will do all the work for you by interacting with people from Target Audience and Posting Content. It is time to outsource your hard work to Robots and let you focus on more important things than "Liking" Photos on Instagram or constantly Posting Content.

Multi-Instagram Accounts Auto Posting at Once

You can post from Multi-Instagram Accounts at once. All you need to do is compose your Post, Set Intervals, select Account and POST. We'll take over from there.

You can post Photo, Story Photo and Videos with the ability to preview Post before Posting or Scheduling. This feature supports a lot of Great Emojis.

Post Filtering options like Hashtags, Usernames, Feed Timeline and Locations to ensure you reach the target Markets in a specific Location. Free subscription is limited while Multi Accounts are available for Paid Subscribers.

  • Multiple Instagram Accounts Allowed.
  • Post To Instagram From Desktop / Laptop.
  • Safe Marketing Automation Tool for Instagram With 24*7 Support.
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Schedule Autolike from Your Multi-Instagram Profile

Instabot Auto Likes feature lets you Like your Followers Photos and Video Posts. You can also schedule Automatic Likes whenever they update their Timeline.

You will like your targets posts, hundreds of posts, every day. This will result in massive amounts of exposure as you appear in people notifications. This is an effective way to grow your Instagram Account. Like photos tagged with #MakeUp, Like the photos of all People who follow Beyonce, Like all photos geo-tagged at Woody Bar.

  • Randomly Like posts on Instagram automatically
  • Schedule your Like from Multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Auto Like by providing #hashtag, Location and People Targeting..
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Auto Comment on Instagram Activities

Automate your commenting to your target audience's content. If you're a business targeting potential clients then you can comment things like: 'Awesome photo, use CODE10 for a 10% discount on my product !' or 'DM me for a discount code on our fashion line!' The possibilities are endless!

This can be used drive sales & traffic, however these are not the only benefits of commenting, people love receiving comments and when someone reads your comment, they have a high chance of following you.

  • Commenting Activities For You Around The Clock.
  • Set The Speed Rate For Your Comments.
  • Predefined Comments Can Contain Links (Hashtags and Profile).
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Auto Follow & Auto Folllow Back Instagram User

With our Auto Follow feature, you can set your Instagram Account to follow other users based on your set criteria. This is a great way to follow important people and also gain good follow backs.

This tool lets you Follow Users with various target settings. You can follow by #Hashtags, Location and People. You can also follow the recent followers of a selected account when you use the People option.

Begin by following up to thousands (or a specific amount) of accounts related to your Target Audience. It also handle your Follow Back activities on auto pilot. This is a great tool to grow your Followers without stress.

  • Select at what rate you'll like your Account to Follow.
  • Choose what time of the Day your Auto Follow should Pause.
  • See Who your Account has Followed and other Log Activities.
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Instagram Auto Unfollow on Autopilot

If you think there is need to Unfollow some Users you already Following, the Instagram Auto Unfollow feature will ensure you get this done in less than a minute. With all these unique features brought to you by Instabot, Your Account will attract more Valuable Followers.

This feature lets you set who you want to Unfollow. Save time and let us do the unfollowing for you.

We do not promise you Auto Unfollowing thousands of accounts in one day. We have carefully program the Auto Unfollow timing to meet up with Instagram Best Practices.

  • Unfollow Those Who Don't Follow You Only.
  • Unfollow Accounts Followed Via Instabot's Auto Follow.
  • Set Your White-List Of Users Not To Auto Unfollow.
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Instagram Auto Repost and Media Activities

Reposting Media Activities on Instagram has never been like this easier. Repost your favourite Photos or Videos to your followers automatically and your account will never become idle.

You can repost content from others based on Hashtags, Location and People.

Auto Delete Re-Posted Content

Auto Repost function is to keep your Page active pending when your original content will be ready. You can set to delete Auto Repost Content after some Hours or Days.

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Instagram Auto Direct Message

The Auto Direct Message feature helps you Auto Send Messages to those you are Following and your Followers. Add and Schedule Messages and the system will help you send the messages automatically.

Personalized Variables

This is one of the best features of Auto DM Feature, you can personalize the messages sent by using variables like {{username}} and {{fullname}}, Usernames and Full names of recipients will be replaced respectively.Your message will be directed at users and won't look like any of those Automated Messages out there.

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Import Images & Video from Cloud

Import From Google Drive - Pick Images and Video from your Google Drive Account & Share to your Instagram Accounts automatically.

Import From One Drive - Import Images and Videos from your One Drive Account & Post directly to your Instagram Accounts.

Upload From Device - Upload photos and videos from your PC or Mobile device directly to Instabot. Uploaded Images are saved to your account for later use.

Import From Dropbox - Pick Images and Videos from your Dropbox Account & Post directly to your Instagram Accounts.

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Post Insights and Statistics

Get real time statistics on every post you Publish to Instagram. Instabot insight show you how Instagram users have engaged with your post by providing you the number of Likes, Comments and Clicks on each post you send.

Therefore, you do not have to go through every post to know how it had engaged, instead you get all data on a Single Dashboard as they happen.

24*7 Unlimited Support

Unable to set up your Instabot Account or any other related issue? We have provided two absolutely free support methods, head on to our Online Support Portal or feel free to Mail Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting your Instagram account to Instabot tool is super easy and fully secure, you only need your username and password to connect to Instabot.
We are also aware of the danger of using auto posting services and we have put some safety measures in place to ensure you don't get flagged but using Instabot incorrectly may suspect you to be a spammer and we always recommend our users not to use the service aggressively.
Yes, our service support scheduling of posts with multiple accounts saved on the system simultaneously without any hassle. Note that, the free package support only one Instagram account, to use multiple account, see our Pricing table.
No, we don't offer such service as it is against the terms and conditions of Instagram. You can use our tool to increase engagement on your account and grow your followers easily.
You can post photos, story photos and videos and can as well download media files from Instagram.
You have the option to select the speed at which a specific feature of Instabot can function.
Yes, We offer a free trial which is limited to 24hrs. Please email us to set up your trial.
InstaBot is bought through the Warrior Plus marketplace for complete secure transactions.
You have to set your Timezone under Posting Settings.
No. We do not offer refunds. This is why we offer a free trial. Kindly test all our tools using our free plan before proceeding with upgrades. See our PRICING Here.


  • 1 Instagram Account
  • Auto Posting
  • Auto Direct Message
  • Auto Likes
  • Auto Comments Enabled
  • Auto Following
  • Auto Unfollow Feature
  • Auto Follow Back
  • Auto Repost Media
  • Complete Analytics



  • Unlimited Instagram Accounts
  • Auto Posting
  • Auto Direct Message
  • Auto Likes
  • Auto Comments Enabled
  • Auto Following
  • Auto Unfollow Feature
  • Auto Follow Back
  • Auto Repost Media
  • Complete Analytics